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Dr Martens Presents: King Nun - 08/11/18

Last Thursday, I got the pleasure of attending one of the most intimate gigs I've ever been too in the most peculiar of places — The Dr Martens Newcastle store on Grey Street. For those of you who’ve been to the Newcastle Branch, then you'll be well aware of how cosy the place is so I’m sure you can imagine the store at full capacity with a live band inside too!
The band in question? king Nun, a London-based alternative rock band who electrified the store with their strikingly fantastic tunes that managed to attract the attention of quite a few Geordies passing by doing their Christmas shopping. The band excelled in their performance and even found time to talk to the audience about their newly released EP - “I Have Love”, which has been a successful triumph for the band, who are really making a strong footprint in modern alternative music.
Seriously, if you haven't given these guys a listen by now then I highly recommend you do so. Their music is so innovative and they’ve cre…

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