Who am I ?

Who am I ?

(This is me in Berlin, My favourite place, 2018.)

For those of you who actually know me, then you may think I'm writing this as a philosophical question directed towards myself, but in fact I'm merely using it as a introduction title for my first blog post. 
Blogging is something that I’ve procrastinated for years in fear of failure, but recently I’ve thought ‘Why not ?’, its an essential part of life to experiment with new things and as the saying goes “You can’t make an omelette without breaking a few eggs”.
So, here we go, off into the world of writing articles, reviews and I'm sure so much more and if it takes off then I hope you all enjoy.

My name is Abby. I’m not particularly an interesting person but I’ve constantly got a lot on my mind that I personally think is worth sharing, despite what many others may say.
I’m particularly enthusiastic about music, especially sound engineering and producing and its a career that I’ve been working towards for years. It started from a young age, listening to music in the car with my parents and watching my Dad play guitar. This then turned into GCSE studies a rather successful diploma and now a degree in Music Production, where I get to work with interesting equipment in both live and studio sound.
Music has brought so many perks into my life — an essential form of therapy and relaxation, the key to fixing my boredom and so much more. I owe all of my success to it and towards the many musicians who have inspired me through the years.

Another thing on the list of what I'm insanely enthusiastic about is feminism. Now, don't stop reading if you're prejudiced towards this word as it could turn out that I may change your opinion on it, and if I can do that to just one person then my life is more than complete.
Working in the music industry for the many years that I have, I’ve realised how hard it can be for women. Theres a lot we have to deal with in this industry, from people questioning our place as engineers (aka - something I've faced myself as a woman working as a sound technician) to catcalls whilst performing either onstage or in a bar.
If you are in dispute of this statement, then i’d politely suggest you wait for one of my upcoming articles on women in music so you can read about these issues more in depth. If you're not prepared to do so, well, its probably about time you click on another persons blog as it’s going to be fundamentally routed into most of my articles.

But, in all seriousness, there is no main theme to this blog. I really do have a lot to say, so theres going to be a range of different things for you all to read. I’m open to so many ideas on what I can post in this space so feel free to get in touch if you’d like to help out. 

All I have left to say now is that I hope you all enjoy this blog and find some sort of solace within what I write. Although this was short and sweet, theres going to be so much more to come in the very near future.


Abby :)

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